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2 Week Cruises

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Tips on Working Onboard a Cruise Ship

If you like frequent travel and do not find providing service to others a chore, then you should seriously consider working in the cruise lines onboard one of the cruise ships. If you do not mind being away from home for weeks or months at a stretch and love to explore different places and cultures, there is no better job than working onboard a cruise ship. The cruise industry is booming with many countries wooing the major cruise lines. Singapore for example, has invested heavily in building a cruise center and is planning to build another bigger facility. This has attracted major players like the Royal Caribbean Cruise to the island. Cruise holidays in the region have taken off in a big way, adding to the many choices of destinations in the traditional areas of the Caribbean and Europe.

There are many benefits to employment onboard a cruise ship. The salaries are competitive as the major players vie for experienced crew. All cruise lines offer great staff incentives such as highly discounted price for cruises by employees and their family. One good thing about working onboard a cruise ship is that all living expenses are taken care of. There is accommodation and meals provided. There are also recreational facilities for ship crew. Even the clothing is provided so one can really save all of one's salary for the entire trip.

Of course, the special perks are the areas, which one will visit. Imagine a trip to the sunny climes of the Caribbean or being up close with the magnificent glaciers in the Alaska or visiting the exotic Southeast Asia. The best part is that it is free. Besides the interesting time onboard, one can get to visit the various countries if off duty during the port calls.

Most of the cruise line schedules their employees for a 2 weeks cruise, then two weeks off at home. If you have no big family commitment, then having 2 weeks holidays every other fortnight is a great deal.

There are many different types of staff required a cruise ship. Besides the sailor to man the ship, there is the service staff who looks after the passengers. There is also specialist staff like spa masseuse, chef and exercise therapist. Many entertainers have also found employment onboard. Most jobs require a contract to be signed for a minimum of four to six months.

While many people will return time and again for a good cruise experience, you can have it all and get paid for it.

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